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The Parts of the Guitar are simple to remember, especially with this handout!

How we use our handouts

Little Rockers uses guitars in almost every class- giving children a hands on experience to musical learning. This handout is one of the first things we work on. Our printable handout allows kids to recognize the different aspects of an acoustic guitar and have a reference for later when they are home with their own guitars. Many of the kids have their own sort of guitar or stringed instrument like a ukulele and they typically play with them at home, exploring and being more outgoing with it then they might be at music class. We like to give a simple introduction to music that is age appropriate but also help the children learn through play.

Handouts and printables are a wonderful way to reinforce learning and to help those of us who might be visual learners. As far as using them in our classes, it also helps to redirect some of the energy that might be super active.

Print it out and color!

At Little Rockers, we like to compare the guitar to our body and point out the parts that are similar. Hey, we have a head and so does the guitar! And a body and a neck and a belly button!! That’s what we call the sound hole at Little Rockers!

We like to tease and say ” Does the guitar have legs?” No… “Does it have arms?” No…. “Does it have a mouth?” No…. But it does also have a bridge- which is like a bridge we drive or walk across and it also has a back which we can tap on in a musical way.

We like to take the time to explore the guitar with the kids in a fun and interactive way. Make it fun and engaging.