Want to throw an unforgettable party? We’ve got you covered!

A Little Rockers Clubhouse Party & Play is a cool and totally rockin’ way to celebrate a birthday. For all our parties, the kids get to play in our unique music themed play area and participate in an interactive birthday concert.All indoor parties have a maximum of about 50 persons. Up to about 15-20 children, if both parents will be attending. If the children are 4 years or older they can be dropped off without a guardian present for the party, like at school.

The party run-down: As the children arrive they go into our music themed play area with our awesome slide and stage. After about 30 minutes we make a musical craft. Then it’s time for the interactive birthday concert! We do music for 30 to 40 minutes and then we sing Happy Birthday for a rockin ending to a great party!

We do not do a standard food service, but you are welcome to provide a platter of sandwiches, pastry or small snacks for your guests and cupcakes for the kids after we sing Happy BIrthday, toward the end of the event.

Our Clubhouse Parties are described as “Party Dessert Theater” with the focus on the kids playing, crafting and doing music with a snack at the end rather than a traditional style event with food service. With that in mind, we suggest planning your party outside of meal times: Before or after lunch, mid afternoon or before dinner time so guests do not expect to eat a meal.

We do it all for you: We set-up, decorate, entertain the kids with play, crafts and music activities and keep a great flow going the whole time. And best of all, no clean up for you! Seriously, it’s like having a party at home but you don’t have to do ANYTHING except relax and enjoy your friends and family, guaranteed.

Suggested Party Times:

Saturdays – 12:30pm, 1:30, 3:00pm, 4:00pm

Sundays – 10:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm

*Select a party option, start time and party length and you’re on your way to a fun, stress free birthday celebration for your child in one of the coolest new party spaces around, The Little Rockers Clubhouse! 


  • PRIVATE access to our play center for the entire time booked for you and your guests
  • PLAY-TIME in the Little Rockers Clubhouse with our one of a kind stage, loft and slide, interactive music toys, games and books
  • CRAFT-TIME – Kids will decorate their own back-stage pass or other instrument for the birthday concert. (90m and 120m parties only)
  • MUSIC-TIME – It’s what we’re all about! Our amazing Teaching Artists perform an interactive Birthday Concert or Karaoke Dance Party
  • Kids over 4.5 years may be dropped off for the party, like in school/day care.


  • Rock Star decorations: birthday banners, hanging instruments and other rock star decor
  • Rock Star photo and selfie backdrop
  • Paper Products: Napkins, Plates, Cups, Table Covers
  • We have most everything you need to throw an unforgettable party!


THE RUNDOWN: Party begins, kids play in our play area while all guests arrive.

After about 20-30 minutes of play, our teaching artists do a make & take craft with the kids then we invite them into the music room for a birthday concert or karaoke dance party

ROCK STAR CONCERT: Like in our music classes, one or two Little Rockers Teaching Artists will lead the kids in musical activities. The Birthday Band will jam out on guitars, shakers, drums and other age appropriate instruments, then end the show with a Happy Birthday jam session free for all .

60 minute party: $400 – 20m Playtime and 20m Birthday Concert or Dance Party, 20m Cupcakes

90 minute party: $500 – 30m Playtime, 15m Directed Music Craft,  30m Birthday Concert or Dance Party , 15m CafeTime for cupcakes/play/wrap up

120 minute party: $600 – 30m Playtime, 15m Directed Music Craft,  45m Birthday Concert or Dance Party , 30m CafeTime for cupcakes/play/wrap up

(Timing is approximate, we may adapt the activity times based on the ages of the children)

SIZE: 15 kids + birthday child included

Up to 20 kids +$50, Up to 25 kids +$75


KARAOKE/DANCE PARTY: Kids pick from a list of Pop and Dance favorites old and new to create their unique playlist. Then they sing along karaoke style, dancing around with props, costumes and some instruments.

90 minute party: $600 – 20m Playtime, 15m Directed Music Craft,  40m Karaoke Dance Party , 15m CafeTime for cupcakes/play/wrap up.

*Up to 20 kids included, ages 6 to 9yrs recommended for Karaoke. 4 and up for dance party

Kids 5 and up can be dropped off for duration of the party



INDOOR BOUNCE HOUSE – For groups with mixed ages of 4 years and up, add on an indoor bounce house for $60

INFANT SOFT PLAY – For groups with infants and toddlers 0-3 years, add on Soft Play, a separate, confined space for littles. INCLUDES: Ball pit, small climb and slides, foam building blocks and age appropriate toys for $60