Party like a rock star with The Little Rockers Band!

Where can you hold a great birthday concert?

  • ★ Living Room, Play Room or Basement
  • ★ Back Yard, Patio or even your Driveway
  • ★ Clubhouse, Community Room or Lounge
  • ★ Restaurant, Banquet Hall or Club
  • ★ Park or Picnic Area
  • ★ Your Child’s School
  • ★ Most anywhere you can think of, we’ve done it all…
  • And we can perform at any kind of party: Birthdays, Christenings, Baby Namings, Communions, Even Anniversaries: Seriously! We’ve performed at 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries for tons of grand kids
  • All Little Rockers parties are appropriate for birthday kids 1 to 7 years but are fun for all ages.


  • What type of activities can we expect?
 – Our shows are fully interactive and get all the kids moving and engaged; counting, singing and playing along with the band.  We bring a variety of instruments and props from our classes: Egg Shakers, Rhythm Sticks, Tambourines, Hand Drums, Triangles, Bells, Scarves, Parachute, Mini-Guitars, etc. The activities are determined by the ages of the kids and size of the group. Expect to sit & stand, sing & dance and have an awesome jam session. Grown-Ups, too!
  • FYI – All our instruments and props are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after every party. We take cleanliness very seriously and our motto is “We were clean before it was a thing…” 
  • What music will be performed at the party? – A mix of high energy music and movement using our original pop/rock songs from our classes, as well as some kid friendly classic rock favorites by artists such as Bob Marley, The Beatles, The Cars and others. 
  • We use a fool-proof playlist that kids will enjoy even if they are not familiar with our music
  • Have a special request? We’ll do our best to include it during the final jam session or in our pre and post show playlist, but as a rule, we do not perform any music from DISNEY, NICKELODEON, SESAME STREET or other TV or MOVIE soundtracks during our show due to licensing and copyright issues.
  • We encourage you to share our music and videos with your child on our YouTube Channel:
  • When will my performer(s) arrive? – Your Teaching Artists will arrive 15-20 minutes before the performance time to check in, set up and get ready to rock.


  • What time is the party starting and ending?  -You should plan to have the music begin 30 to 60 minutes after the start of the party to give your guests a window to arrive, check in and get settled before the activity.
  • If food will be served first, we recommend at least 60 minutes to give the kids time to eat first.
  • If music is the first activity of the day, 30 minutes is appropriate.
  • How many kids are you expecting, approximately?  This helps us determine how many instruments to provide and whether to send one or two Teaching Artists 
  • What is the age range of the kids?
 -Mostly babies? Toddlers? Older kids? This helps us plan appropriate activities for your group.
  • How much space do we need?  –We usually ask for at least a 10′x 12′ area to set up and have room for the kids to move around and dance. Of course the size of your group should be a factor in how much space we will need to accommodate everyone.
  • There should be one electric outlet within 10 feet of the performance area. We usually have extension cords on hand, but may need to make other arrangements for longer distances or outdoor locations.
  • Let us know if the floor is hardwood or tile and we will provide soft foam puzzle mats for the kids to sit on.
  • How do I confirm my booking? –An email correspondence from us holds the date. Once the date and details are agreed upon, an e-signed contract finalizes the booking.
  • Payment: We don’t require a deposit, but ask for payment on or before the day of the performance. Cash or checks payable to: Little Rockers. Credit Card or Venmo payments will include a $15 processing fee.
  • Please have payment ready upon artist’s arrival, this saves time later when you may be busy with cake or other party issues
  • What happens in case of inclement weather (outdoor parties)? We can easily relocate to an indoor location or adjust our start time, *if we are are not booked before or after your confirmed time. But please note: AS A RULE, WE DO NOT BOOK RAIN DATES – But we are always flexible about trying to accommodate a change of day/date


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