Music Videos for Kids at Little Rockers Clubhouse!

View Our YouTube Channel: 2LittleRockers for clips of our classes, music videos and shows. Come to Little Rockers Video Music Class on Youtube and do class right at home with your own musical instruments. Feel comfortable leaving our educational and fun videos on for your kids, since they are age appropriate for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Time spent with us will have kids working on rhythm through basic counting, and on communication skills with our songs and vocal exercises for growing minds. We always keep it upbeat, energetic and entertaining at Little Rockers Clubhouse. Kids (and grown ups) will be singing and clapping along to the music. And we’re sorry in advance for having to hear them on repeat. lol

Come enjoy some time with us at the Little Rockers Clubhouse and enjoy our engaging and entertaining content for families. Put on our Music Videos for Kids and keep moving, grooving, singing and dancing all day long!

You can also Listen to More of Our Music on your favorite music service. We have a variety of albums from The Little Rockers Band, including some seasonal ones for Summer and the Winter Holidays!! Search The Little Rockers Band and Download Now on your choice streaming service: