The Founders:
Chris & Jessie Apple

Little Rockers is the culmination of our dream to create and produce music with each other. We met as teaching artists and soon realized we shared a passion to sing and perform together and to introduce music to kids and adults.  Inspired by the children at our classes and shows, we create different content to entertain and educate- providing meaningful kids activities.

We like to provide a cool and comfortable environment for anyone to experience the bliss of a shared musical experience, so we decided to create our own band, company and classes to do just that. We compose and produce all of the class music and curriculum together with songwriting input from Jessie’s mom, singer/songwriter Nancy Hartline.

We feel blessed & grateful to be able to pursue our life’s work together. We truly love what we do and hope you will, too. –Chris & Jessie Apple


  • music is a universal way for humans to interact and bond with one another
  • music fosters cooperation, understanding, positivity and joy
  • families who share music making are closer and more connected
  • children learn best through play, so if everyone is playing and having fun, they’re learning…
  • music aids and enhances intellectual, emotional and social growth. There is a wealth of information on this subject.
  • Repetition is crucial for the development of young minds, but variety is necessary to keep parents engaged
  • Making time for music is one of the best gifts you can give your child
  • Children are impartial to musical styles and will enjoy anything that sounds good to them. Since many young parents enjoy and relate to pop and classic rock music, we believe this style is perfect for shared musical experiences for today’s families.
  • and finally, you’re never too young or too old to rock out, so come join our band!