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Music Handouts, Activities, Printables and Crafts for your Little Rocker.

Lessons for Little Rockers

This is for all those cool adults who want to encourage music education in your preschooler. At Little Rockers, we specialize in using music to help preschoolers in their development. Most of our classes are 60 minutes long and incorporate instrument play, preschool music theory, movement, games and many other fun tricks of our trade.

One of the main things we use to reinforce learning are handouts. 

And we thought– why keep them to ourselves??

We should share!! So here are some of our wonderful ideas. We hope you use them to stimulate musical learning in your little rocker!

In this blog, you’ll find ideas, handouts, crafts and printables that we use in our classes for teachers and parents to use at home and in class.

Some are for younger children- ages 2-4 and the handouts labeled for ages 4-6 years are slightly more challenging and focus on some National Standards of Music Education for Pre-K and Kindergarten.