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Find the guitar

More Guitar! We all know what it looks like, right? But can you locate them all with our find the guitars handout?

Identifying and recognizing are important developmental skills for kids to work on. Our find the guitars handout helps them work on this skill in a musical way which we love to incorporate in our curriculum. This is one of the many skills we work on in our Little Rockers Music classes (in person and on our app). Most of our activities in our classes are hands on, where we play instruments, sing or do imaginative play. However, within our classes we like to reinforce what we are learning with a handout, craft or other creative learning tool. We feel this is a great way to have the kids show what they learned in class, but also have something to take home to remind them of what they learned that day.

This handout shows us a variety of instruments but we are asking the children to circle (or color) the pictures of the guitars ONLY.

Variations can be made and you can have them color the guitars one color and all the other instruments another color. Or quiz them and see if they can point out the other instruments. “Where is the microphone?” or “I see a drum, can you find it?”

It’s like “I spy” but only guitars! A budding musicians dream game 🙂

Break out the crayons and get started. Just click the link below to open the image, then you can save it as a PDF or just print it right from your bowser. Good Luck!