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As I scroll through my facebook feed, which I only do once a day because ummm….hello, it’s depressing!  Beyond all the horrible political sadness and the killing of wildlife or poor treatment of children and animals- the worst part of my feed are the things others are doing that I compare myself too. It can add so much to my jealousy of life and business.

That sounds so shallow, right?  

It is. But the truth is those things are harming me and I am letting them. That affects me more than politics and the things I can’t control. It affects me because if it is making me feel bad about myself which is then reflecting into the world that I feel bad about myself. Self love is important because LOVE is important and we need to share it with ourselves so we can give it to others. This is a way to help the world. I can control how I feel about myself, and that is why I avoid facebook except for business.

It’s ok to have a healthy sense of competition but it’s crucial to conquer jealousy in life and business

Looking at others, feeling competitive and not feeling good enough is never going to get you to where you want to be. Although, I do think it’s ok to have a healthy sense of competition because it can be inspiring and motivating. Like, if I feel like I am just being complacent then some competition can kick me in the ass and get me thinking some new thoughts- but you need to keep it in check. SO- if looking at others is making you feel unworthy, sad or shitty than that is not a healthy sense of competition. 

Moving too slow can cause jealousy of life and business

To be honest, I often feel this way when looking at facebook or Instagram. I see everyone’s achievements (even ones I don’t want) and I start to feel inadequate. I feel like I am moving too slow and not getting anywhere. Why is everyone doing so great?? I see my old teachers posting about former classmates, some that I was in classes with, hugely succeeding in our field. This one is in an Emmy winning tv show and just keeps working like crazy, another one is in a movie that got nominated for an Oscar, and this one is in Hamilton!! Are you freaking kidding me?! 

It’s hard to not have jealousy in life and business especially when it’s people you know. The right thing is to be happy for them- and you are- but then you just silently compare. Are you as good? Can you be as good? Did they get a break you didn’t get? Do you just suck so superbad? 

Human Thoughts

These are silly, pointless, totally human thoughts. And they are dangerous to your psyche, soul and business! Although, I try super hard to not compare my journey to others and I try not to get jealous in life and business. It’s a tough thing to conquer when you look at Instagram or Facebook and see all the fabulous lives everyone is living. Like everyone is living these fabulous lives? Every day?? No they are not. Just no. 

This is not real life 

No one is showing the worst parts of themselves. The heartbreak, the ugly photo, the one millionth rejection. No one is showing those things in a true, unfiltered light. But seeing it on Social can teach you something. Everything does if you look deep enough. Use this power tool to check yourself. Look at them- (your “friends” feed) and bless them- be happy and move on. Be inspired by what others are doing. Let it motivate you. Try not to be in a competitive mindset about it but use it. Let it fuel you. And don’t hang onto it. Change your thoughts- get off Social media and be proactive. Use action to help you feel empowered. No one has the same gifts, talents, expression as you do. No one else has that flare, that unique way of looking at things, or working at things. 

Jealousy in life and business may be hard to conquer but it is vital to recognize and change for your success and well being.

Remember this-  ignore everyone else.