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Living to your full potential
Living to your full potential

The Potential is All Yours

One of the most exciting things about being your own business is that it’s all up to you. Now, of course it is also one of the daunting scary-ass thoughts. That it is all up to you!! Ugh. But living to your full potential is in your hands.

Let me tell you as you go on and pursue your dreams you will encounter others along the way and you will rally them to support, encourage and help you get to where you want to be. So you will never really be doing it all alone. 

We are never really alone

We are never alone when living to our full potential

Even though it is all up to you we never really do anything alone. We can never make it to a grand status without help from others along the way. This is a beautiful thing because we can all lift each other up to pursue our goals.  Like maybe as an actress, you are struggling and going to auditions, hustling- out there alone but then you do a show and you meet some great people and then maybe you take a class with some of them or maybe you decide to create a theatre company with them or maybe you just meet one really great person who you can vent to and relate to along this journey. 

The thought is, we are all there to support one another, whether we realize it or not. And it’s not always about things that someone brings us but rather ideas, encouragement, support. These are just as valuable as someone casting you in a play. Those moments are short- the successes. The long moments are the times in between- when you are literally pounding the pavement or practicing in a mirror over and over. At those times having others can be key.

You Have to Risk it to Make the Biscuit

But the other stuff- the research, the practice, the pavement pounding ARE up to you!! This is key to living to your full potential. You have to get out there and risk it to make the biscuit! (As I heard on an episode of dance moms once.)  It’s seriously true. You have to get out there and work.

The great news about this is that your potential is all in your hands. You are now taking control and refusing to give power to someone else for your future! This is your life – your career- your essence- so hang onto it and don’t just give it away. 

My Creation

A spark of creation that inspires us to live to our full potential

One of the greatest feelings of starting Little Rockers and having people really love it was that it was mine! I did it (with Chris, of course) but it was MY creation that was making people happy and want to spend their money on what I was offering, not someone else’s that I was working for. I wasn’t waiting for someone to approve of me. Waiting for them to say I was good enough for their show or their song or their money and time. I was able to make what felt good to me in my heart- something that was the best representation of what I am as an artist and share it without judgement and approval of outside forces. The only people that mattered were the audience and they loved it!! And still do. 

YOU Are Your Business

This is true entrepreneurial spirit, in my opinion. Because one of the ways I felt accomplished was that I was my own boss. That’s what I am emphasizing here. I should have thought that from the very beginning. From my first audition or decision to study acting in school. I always had the power. It was always up to me. Well, yes I had to rely on someone to give me a job but my attempts and choices were mine- not some director or producer or casting agent. Those were my choices and I always had the power. (By the power of grey skull!!)

Wow! I wish I would have had that mentality sooner because I am just now becoming a boss bitch. It would have been very empowering to be able to project that feeling of ownership when I was auditioning for Broadway shows. That feeling that I am my business and I KNOW my business. Yes- you are looking at the CEO of Amazing Jessie Apple and you should know that I know what the f* is up. 

Be the CEO of Awesome

Be awesome

So I give this to you. This power. It’s yours. You are the CEO of awesome you and own it. Yes this may be scary and intimidating because none of us really know what the hell we are doing as artists or human beings even. But it is yours so feel empowered. Know that you are in control of your life, your career, your business. Not someone else.  And then you will be living to your full potential.

Take control and answer important questions like… 

What more can you be doing to achieve your goals? 

(Planning, writing them out, Creating a Marketing and business (creative) plan….)

What do you really want to be doing? 

(Singing, writing, telling jokes, photographing wildlife…)

What are the skills that you have? 

(Talent, drive, outgoing, creative thinker…) 

How can you be using those to help you more? 

(Create an etsy page, write a blog, go to an event and network…) 

 Is there something you don’t really want to do but know you need to do? (Take that improv class, go to that casting director event, finish that script, memorize that new monologue…)  

Is there something you really want to do but are super scared? 

(Like a workshop or networking event….)  

The potential is yours

Living to your full potential is possible! We are in this life for better or worse. We are here and I strongly believe that the thing you love to do- you should be doing. It really is that simple. Try your hardest to figure out what you love to do and what speaks to you and gets you lost and do that thing. As you do, it will help you thrive, survive and stay alive.

Just like that.

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