Let us be your DJ, Emcee & Party Band!

Upgrade your Little Rockers party experience with more music and kid’s activities.

If you were planning to hire a DJ, or just want to have great music and fun the whole time, let us handle the whole thing for one cost.

This is a terrific party option for events in a banquet hall, private facility or a back yard party where you are there for several hours and want music and kid’s activities the whole time. We bring carnival games, music crafts, coloring pages and other age appropriate fun for the kids.  We will also work with any other vendors you hire (Face Painter, Balloon Maker, etc) to make it a seamless and amazing experience as we MC the event and hype the kids and crowd with popular Rock, Pop and Dance music. Then we’ll get everyone rocking out with a Little Rockers music class or rock concert.


Each Combo Party includes:

  • Two Teaching Artist DJs to spin the tunes, play with the kids and lead the music class or concert
  • Specialized playlist of party music: Classic and current hits plus Kidz Bop, Disney and Movie favorites with a dance party to wrap up the event.
  • Directed activities for kids: Bowling, bean bag toss and other backyard type games, music coloring pages, card games and more
  • Music class or concert: Interactive music and movement like ion our classes or upgrade to a rock concert with YouTubers, Chris & Jessie performing songs from their web series, Little Rockers Clubhouse
  • SIZE: Up to 25 kids + birthday child. $10 each additional rocker over 1y

PARTY A: 1.5 hours. 20m DJ music/games, 45m music class, 25m dance party/games – $550

PARTY B: 2 hours. 45m DJ music/games, 45m music class, 30m dance party/games – $700

PARTY C: 3 hours. 40m DJ music/games, 40m music class, 30m DJ playlist/games, 40m music class, 30m dance party/games – $950

PARTY D: 4 hours. 60m Cocktail hour music/games, 40m music class, 40m DJ playlist/games, 40m music class, 60m dance party/games – $1200

EXAMPLE RUNDOWN: THREE hour combo party (180 mins)

30 mins DJ cocktail music w/ games & kids activities to break the ice as guests arrive

30 mins Little Rockers music class/concert

30 mins DJ playlist during food service w/ games/crafts

40 mins Little Rockers music class/concert

20 mins DJ Hits Playlist during cake

30 mins Karaoke Dance Party

*Any party can be tailored to fit your needs

**Additional travel fee may apply for parties outside Monmouth County, NJ