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There is a new normal for kids and parents.

Babies in headlights- like little deer in headlights. 

They come in completely still and eyes wide. Super shocked, maybe scared- maybe slightly intrigued. Where am I? Who are these people?


What are the thoughts going through their tiny, beautiful minds?

Most of them were created during the pandemic by adults stuck at home with a lot of time and endless wine. lol That’s not completely true- because a lot of these are planned and happily siblings to other children stuck at home. Those older children are also isolated at home, only seeing people through a computer screen and waving to their friends on their drive by birthdays.

Drive By Birthday Parties

As things open up and we begin to do more activities with our children, we are so excited to get out, but need to put into perspective children who have not only never been to an activity, like music class, but have never been OUT.

Not to the grocery store or Target. Nothing. They are born then home and they know no one but immediate family. It’s the same with the two’s and older kids. Half of their lives have been sheltered away so they can’t really remember a time without us all in masks. This is the new normal for kids and parents.

Babies and young toddlers are more perceptive and sensitive than we give them credit for.

They are aware that things are not quite normal and they pick up on our energy.

They may have limited language skills but they can feel the slight changes in our behavior and the increased tension of parents and siblings being together more than normal. The simple acts of going to work, school or other activities that take us out of our homes and into other environments, where we can interact with different people and have a sense of autonomy; these are crucial to adults and kids alike.

It’s important for all of us to have time to navigate the world: to solve problems, issues and challenges on our own. It makes us stronger and more confident. It keeps us growing and developing. Just seeing and interacting with other people outside your family unit is a powerful tool for development. 

Families are finally feeling more comfortable doing activities outside the home so we are starting to meet a lot of new humans whose only real connection to the outside world is what they’ve seen on TV. 

Now, when they come to Little Rockers, they are still and quiet. Watching us all through our masks and face shields. Trying to figure out what this place they have entered is.

And we make it delightful!! Full of colors and lights and music. Not a complete sensory overload but a way for them to know that there is life out there! 

They can put a record on the platter, go down the slide, play the drums on our stage. They can strum a guitar, jam out with other kids or help clean up the instruments and pick a sticker after class. Let’s use self expression and music to release some of that tension because kids have it too, believe it or not. 

It’s also been so great to see moms and dads being able to chat with other parents and share some of the challenges of the past year.  To witness a shared sense of us all having survived something tough and making it to this point. Even relief that someone else can entertain their kids for an hour.

And we say- let there be rock! 

Music makes us happy and brings us all together for an experience like no other. We all become friends after music class. It’s the best for kids and parents to bond. With music we share something fun and stress releasing and we all need it now more than ever.

Still not comfortable doing classes out in the world?

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