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Obviously, you have a skill or talent and it’s your passion. You live, eat, breathe it and know you are going to be a huge success which is super important. Because having the confidence and knowing this is it for you is crucial and there is nothing else in this world you can or want to do. It doesn’t mean that your desires aren’t going to change and grow as you do but the foundation is there. But you have to start thinking about who you are as a business

Life for you is dance.

Everything you are is music.

Art is your passion.

Above all, those are the skills and talents that drive you.

It’s a big deal to have something you love to do.

Never ever ignore that.

Most people have NO CLUE what they want to do with their time or even have the guts to study it as a career path.

Even if you haven’t gone to school and studied your craft. Which I highly suggest you do for just a few classes. If you are passionately obsessed with the thing you love to do, than do it. Try it. Ignore the haters and go for it. 

What is your business?

What are you?

Who are you as a business?

Above all, know what it is because saying you’re sometimes a painter but you’re also trying to get a job in architecture is just too far out there. Or being a dancer but then working on monologues to try to become an actress can just be distracting.

Focus on one thing.

For example, I was super focused on theatre and Broadway and I was not spreading myself thin by working on film and tv.

Once in awhile, I would doubt myself and think “I should be working on getting commercials” and consequently I did. However, I was more passionate about theatre and singing than I was about competing with a bunch of models for commercials. I also wasn’t trying to get a bunch of gigs singing with a band. My focus was Broadway so that’s how I spent my time and I feel like it paid off. 

Be diverse- for sure.  

Yes, you should be a better actor if you’re a dancer and you should be interested in design and architecture as a painter but don’t try to do everything at once. There will be time to delve into all of your talents but focus on your favorite for a time and give it the love it deserves. Certainly, it can take time to explore your creative nature and to hone in on it. For instance, taking a photography class as a model or learning to surf when you are interested in painting surfboards. These things will help you but don’t let them take you completely off course, until you are ready. Always think about who are you as a business.

Stay true to what drives who you are as a business. 

Finally, don’t get distracted by what you THINK you should be doing. As long as you are doing things that make you want to practice you will get better and be more driven in the direction that’s right for you.